Dell Used Laptop Price In Pakistan

Dell Used Laptop Price In Pakistan

Dell is a globally renowned brand, especially favored for its laptops, which stand as the first choice in Pakistan. These laptops offer a wide variety and are considered value for money. Moreover, a key factor in buyer preference is the easy availability of spare parts in the market, such as original laptop batteries, keyboards, and other components.

Dell Used Laptop For Sale In Pakistan

Our primary goal is to provide the best possible laptops to every customer in Pakistan, regardless of their location in any city or village, ensuring both quality and value for money. We specialize in importing used laptops from the USA and Dubai.

After importing, each device undergoes a meticulous testing process, including display, keyboard, Wi-Fi connectivity tests, and a complete Windows installation. This thorough procedure ensures that buyers won’t encounter any issues after making a purchase from us. Since we import these used laptops ourselves, it’s evident that our prices are the lowest in Pakistan, offering the latest generation devices.

Dell Used Laptop In Pakistan Under 30000

When looking for a mid-budget laptop around Rs. 30,000, you can easily find a decent laptop with normal specs at our store. These laptops are perfect for tasks like browsing, using Google apps such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Word, and other office-related work.

At our store, you can buy laptops in every budget range that offer value for money, come in clean condition, and also come with a charger and a money-back guarantee.

Dell Used Laptop In Pakistan Under 30000

Here’s a list of laptops under 30,000 available in Pakistan.

ModelPrice In PKR
Dell Latitude E5420 | Core i5 | 2nd GenRs: 24,999/-
Dell Latitude E5420 | Core i3 | 2nd GenRs: 22,999/-
Dell Latitude E6420 | Core i5 | 2nd GenRs: 24,999/-
Dell Latitude E6420 | Core i3 | 2nd GenRs: 22,999/-
Dell Latitude 6410Rs: 19,499/-

How to check dell used laptop before buying

Having a bit of experience when checking a laptop could be much better. Since it’s an electronic device, if you’ve used computers or Chromebooks before, you might have some knowledge. But today, I’ll share some professional tips and tricks on how to check a Dell used laptop.

Firstly, check the body for any damage, dents, or excessive scratches. Used laptops might have slight scratches, especially if they’re offered in black color, which is commonly found in Pakistan. Some sellers put on a 360 protector, making it hard to check the laptop’s original condition. When buying a used laptop, always remove the protector and check its actual condition.

Physically inspect the screen for any damage or scratches. To internally check it, set a complete white wallpaper to spot any shade differences. Repeat the same process with a dark or blue-colored wallpaper. You can also use laptop testing apps for an easy and thorough check.

There are various online apps to test the processor, or you can manually test it by running multiple apps simultaneously for a few hours. If everything runs smoothly, consider it a passed test.

An easy way to check RAM is by opening multiple tasks simultaneously or selecting all fonts in the control panel and opening them together. If your laptop doesn’t show a blue screen error or restart, it’s likely the RAM is working fine.

Laptops in Pakistan mostly come with HDD or SSD. SSDs are a bit more expensive but offer better performance. To check storage, use hard drive software to perform tests.

Used laptops usually have normal battery health since they’re used. On average, a used laptop’s battery backup is about 2-3 hours. To test the battery, play a high-quality video in full screen and let it run for an hour. If the video plays continuously for an hour, it’s a good way to test the battery.

Is it possible to upgrade the RAM or storage on Dell laptops?

Yes, absolutely, you can upgrade the RAM or storage.

Are chargers included with dell used laptops?

Yes, all laptops come with chargers as part of the purchase.

Do these dell used laptops have the original operating system?

Most laptops come with a fresh installation of the original operating system.


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