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Used Mobile Phones Under Rs: 50000 In Pakistan

Used Mobile Phones Under Rs 50000 In Pakistan

In Pakistan, we present to you the top-trending and most demanding phones under Rs. 50,000/- which you can easily find in both offline markets and online stores.

Used Mobile In Pakistan Under Rs: 50000 Budget

In Pakistan, a budget of Rs. 50,000 is excellent for buying a used phone, offering a range of options including high-performance gaming phones. You can find both PTA-Approved and Non-PTA phones in this budget.

Non-PTA Phones Under 50000

If you are looking for non-PTA phones in this budget, you can find imported kits phones from Dubai and the USA. These phones provide excellent performance and are often chosen by users for gaming or high-performance tasks. Another reason people opt for non-PTA phones is to get a great camera result. Check out the used phones collection at for a variety of options.

PTA-Approved Phones Under 50000

If you prefer PTA-approved phones in this budget, you’ll have various options, including official PTA-approved, patch PTA-approved, or CPID PTA-approved phones. With 8 years of experience in the mobile industry, I would recommend going for patch or CPID approved, as they offer excellent specs, and you won’t need to pay highly official PTA taxes.

Note: Keep in mind that patch PTA-approved phones are not considered legal in Pakistan, and these phones are often rooted.

Used Mobile Phones Under Rs: 50000 In Pakistan

Under 50,000, the Motorola Edge 2020 is an excellent device that is both PTA approved and offers high performance.

Non-PTA Mobile Phones Under Rs: 50000 In Pakistan

Sony Xperia 1 Mark 2 | Non-PTA An excellent device that provides you with outstanding gaming and top-notch camera performance.

PTA-Approved Mobile Phones Under Rs: 50000 In Pakistan

Fujitsu Arrows F-51A | Official PTA-Approved Device, An excellent used device suitable for high-task work, available in this price range. You can confidently make the purchase.


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