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PUBG Mobiles In Pakistan

Pubg Mobiles in Pakistan

Hey PUBG Champs! Today, I’ll share my 8 years of experience in mobile phone shops to guide you to the best PUBG gaming phones that not only offer great value but also ensure an enjoyable gaming experience within your budget.

If you’re focused solely on top-notch gaming, my advice is to consider Non-PTA phones. They provide high-performance features at the lowest prices.

Best 90 fps Mobile Phone For PUBG In Pakistan

Having both 90 fps gaming capability and a better battery life is a fantastic combination for enjoying gameplay over extended periods. In Pakistan, around 90% of gamers aim to invest in devices that offer exceptional gaming performance, achievable through imported used phones. Our selection of 90 fps gaming phones is curated based on authentic sources, personal experiences, and customer feedback.

(Top 5) 90 fps Gaming Phones In Pakistan

Product NamePrice In Pakistan
OnePlus 11 (Used Sim-Lock | Non-PTA)₨ 174,999
Google Pixel 7 (Used Sim-Lock | Non-PTA)₨ 109,999
Rog Phone 6 (Used Non-PTA)₨ 190,000
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro (Used PTA-Approved)₨ 285,999
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Brand New)₨ 242,999

(Best 5) 60 fps Mobile Phone For PUBG In Pakistan Under 30000

60 fps Mobile Phone For PUBG In Pakistan Under 30000

In the mid-budget gaming phone range, achieving good performance is primarily feasible in used phones in Pakistan. This is due to the higher prices of new mobiles, making it challenging to find better gaming performance within the under Rs 30,000 price bracket.

These are some of the top 5 phones that you can purchase for gaming under 30k.

Product NamePrice In Pakistan
Sharp Aquos R2 | Non-PTA₨ 17,999
Motorola One Fusion Plus | PTA-Approved₨ 29,999
Sharp Aquos R3 | Non-PTA₨ 23,499
Motorola Moto G30 | PTA-Approved₨ 27,999
Motorola Moto E22 | PTA-Approved₨ 28,999

(Top 5) 60 fps Mobile Phone For PUBG In Pakistan Under 40000

60 fps Mobile Phone For PUBG In Pakistan Under 40000

Under 40k is a handsome budget where you can find some good devices such as Sharp Aquos, Sony Xperia, Fujitsu, Motorola, and more. If you’re looking to experience pure gaming performance, here are some excellent devices available.

Here’s a lineup of the top 60 fps phones under 40,000.

Product NamePrice In Pakistan
Motorola Edge 2021 | PTA-Approved₨ 38,999
Sharp Aquos Zero 2 | Non-PTA₨ 33,499
Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 | Non-PTA₨ 38,499
Sharp Aquos R5G | Non-PTA₨ 37,499
Fujitsu Arrows Docomo F52-A 5G | Non-PTA₨ 37,499

Which mobile phone under 30,000 in Pakistan supports 60 fps for PUBG?

The Sharp Aquos R3 Non-PTA ₨ 23,499 is great for PUBG.

Which mobile phone under 40,000 in Pakistan supports 60 fps for PUBG?

The Sharp Aquos R5G Non-PTA ₨ 37,499 is Excellent for PUBG.

Which mobile phone in Pakistan offers the best 90 fps experience for PUBG?

The OnePlus 11 priced at ₨ 174,999 offers a great 90 fps experience for PUBG.

In Pakistan’s gaming phone market, top picks like the Sharp Aquos R3 and R5G under 30k and 40k for PUBG. Looking for an exceptional 90 fps experience? The OnePlus 11 at ₨ 174,999 is your go-to choice. Find your gaming thrill in Pakistan’s diverse phone options!


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