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3 Tips For Used Mobile Online Shopping | Cash On Delivery!

3 Tips For Used Mobile Online Shopping Cash On Delivery - Voxo.Pk

Hello there! In Pakistan, the trend of online shopping is growing day by day. Along with this trend, some online seller also engage in fraud or scams. Buyers of used phones always try to opt for cash on delivery to ensure peace of mind.

This creates problems for sellers. Mobile phones are costly items where neither the buyer nor the seller wants to take a risk. Sometimes, buyers opt for cash on delivery, but in Pakistan, if it’s sent through a courier, it might take about 5 to 7 days for delivery, especially if the seller is in a different city.

Sometimes, during this time, the customer changes their mind. When the order arrives via COD, they refuse it, causing a loss to the seller in terms of delivery charges and the order stuck in transit for 10-15 days, leading to further losses.

1: Safest Way to Buy Mobiles Online in Pakistan through Cash On Delivery

Just like there are good and bad people worldwide, every seller and buyer falls into these categories too.

whenever you shop online, check the store’s social media accounts. Look for the seller’s reviews on authentic websites like Trustpilot or Google My Business. Once verified on these platforms and feeling satisfied, proceed to place your order, preferably from authentic websites.

2: Mobile Online Shopping Frauds in Pakistan

The biggest online shopping scam in Pakistan often occurs on third-party C2C websites. Scammers set up accounts with fake pictures and phone numbers, post items for sale, and trick buyers into making upfront payments, only to disappear later. This trickery has extended to fake Facebook pages too, with tempting but fake offers like installment plans for mobile phones, designed to entrap buyers.

3: How To Shop Online For Mobiles In Pakistan | Safe Method
  1. Make sure to check the credibility of the brand across social media platforms.
  2. Seek reliable reviews and ratings from trustworthy sites.
  3. Confirm the seller presence and legitimacy on Google My Business.

My E-Commerce experience spans approximately 10+ years. I’ve learned that the best solution involves compromising a bit for both buyers and sellers. The safest way is to pay some token money as advance to the seller for the mobile phone purchase amount,

But only after thorough verification of reviews and information on social platforms. The remaining amount can be paid through cash on delivery. This ensures the seller’s satisfaction that the buyer is genuine.

Is Online Shopping For Used Mobile Phones Safe?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe if you shop from verified and genuine sellers.

Online Shopping Frauds In Pakistan Related to Mobiles

Beware of third-party websites or fake deals on social media that often lead to scams. Avoid engaging with scammers or fraudulent pages advertising too-good-to-be-true offers.

Safest Approach For Online Mobile Purchases via Cash on Delivery In Pakistan

Prioritize authentic sellers, verify their social media presence, check reviews on platforms like Trustpilot or Google My Business before placing an order.

Online shopping in Pakistan offers convenience with Cash on Delivery (COD) for used mobiles. However, while it’s a great option for buyers, it presents risks for sellers due to potential order cancellations or refusals upon delivery.

To ensure a safe transaction, buyers should verify seller authenticity through social platforms and authentic reviews before making any advance payments, making COD a secure option for both parties.


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